Ultimate Dubai Beaches Dress Code You Need To Know

Ultimate Dubai Beaches Dress Code You Need To Know

Dubai Beaches Dress Code

Dubai has many chances for relaxation and enjoyment, and tourists are attracted to the area by its beautiful beaches. Given that Dubai is a Muslim country, Islamic laws are respected there. However, it’s crucial to consider the region’s cultural and religious sensitivities to adhere to Dubai beaches’ dress code.

Are you planning a trip to the UAE to get some sun but are unsure about Dubai beaches dress code? In this guide, we’ll cover what to wear and what not to wear on Dubai’s beaches.

What is the Dubai Beaches Dress Code?

Dubai’s culture is a unique blend of tradition and modernity, and this is reflected in its dress code policies. While the city is relatively liberal, certain guidelines must be followed, particularly in public spaces like beaches. The key is to balance enjoying your beach day with respecting local customs.

Dubai Beach Dress Code for Public Beaches

Dress Codes for Public Beaches in Dubai

Locals visit public beaches, and they usually are more conservative. Here, you’ll find a variety of appropriate costumes for swimming and sunbathing. Nevertheless, individuals should be mindful of local customs and opt for modest beach attire to show respect in public areas adjacent to the beach.

What to Wear at Public Beaches as a Female Tourist?

What to Wear at Public Beaches as a Female Tourist?
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On Dubai’s public beaches, bikinis, one-pieces, and burkinis are common sights. These outfits are perfectly acceptable to wear while on the beach. Therefore, you are allowed to wear bikinis on the beach, but it’s recommended to cover up with a stylish sarong or beach dress when leaving the shoreline. Choose flip-flops or wear sandals that are perfect for the beach. Consider bringing a pair of nice yet modest shoes if you want to explore beyond the shoreline. Also, keep jewelry and accessories simple, avoiding overly extravagant pieces.

In addition, any swimwear with string material—or, more popularly, thongs—is inappropriate. Try to stick to basic swimwear wherever possible.

What to Wear at Public Beaches as a Male Tourist?

What to Wear at Public Beaches as a Male Tourist?
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When visiting public beaches in Dubai as a male tourist, wear swimwear that is knee-length or just above, and feel free to go shirtless on the beach. Ensure swimwear is modest and avoid overly tight or revealing options. Avoid wearing wet underwear since it can tighten and somewhat expose the clothing. Besides, it is a good idea to dress in shirts, t-shirts, shorts, or pants.

Moreover, never enter a restaurant, bar, or store barefoot, and always wear shoes when leaving the beach.

Beach Dubai Dress Code for Private Beaches

In Dubai, private beaches generally belong to beach clubs, hotels, and resorts. You’ll find that these places have significantly laxer dress codes than their public beach counterparts.

What to Wear at Private Beaches as a Female Tourist?

What to Wear at Private Beaches as a Female Tourist?

Dubai’s private beaches are more liberal, allowing you to wear almost anything. Any kind of bottoms or swimwear is acceptable.

However, Dubai asserts that it’s essential to consider the region’s cultural and religious sensitivities. On beaches, scant swimwear is proper, but exercising discretion and respecting the locals is better. Avoid overly revealing or provocative clothing, especially when moving to other areas.

Also, you’ll need to cover up with a maxi, sundress, kaftan, or shorts and tank top. Therefore, remember to bring a cover-up—that’s essential for Dubai’s beach clothing.

Lisa, a regular visitor, advises – “Any beach in Dubai, public or private, is acceptable for bikini wear. I notice a lot of women doing this, so you won’t be the only one. Make sure you wear a cover-up and wear your normal clothes when you go from the beach to the streets.”

What to Wear at Private Beaches as a Male Tourist?

What to Wear at Private Beaches as a Male Tourist?

Men are free to dress whatever they would like in any other city, but please don’t come up in anything too fancy, such as white or translucent swimwear that might bleed into the water.

Flip-flops are nice, but only at the beach. Wear comfortable shoes, sneakers, or sandals for malls and other locations where you’ll be walking a lot.

Dos and Don’ts of Beachwear in Dubai

There are a few dos and don’ts when it comes to beachwear in Dubai.


  • Choose modest and stylish swimwear
  • Select swim trunks for males that are knee-length or slightly above.
  • Wear an elegant cover-up as you go from the beach to public spaces
  • Accessorize with tasteful, simple jewelry
  • Respect cultural sensitivity and be aware of local rules


  • Avoid too-revealing outfits or provocative beachwear
  • Completely unacceptable is any swimwear made of G-string material or thongs
  • Refrain from going shirtless in public spaces outside the beach
  • It’s not just inappropriate but forbidden to sunbathe on the beaches without a top
  • Wearing too tight or skimpy swimwear is not recommended
  • You can have a relaxing time at the beach in Dubai by following these tips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a bikini on Dubai beaches?

Yes, wearing a bikini is acceptable on Dubai’s public beaches, hotel beaches, and private beach clubs. However, modesty is appreciated, and you should avoid overly revealing swimsuits.

What is the Dubai dress code for tourists?

Dubai is relatively liberal compared to other places in the Middle East, but modesty is still important. Tourists should wear clothing covering their shoulders and knees in public places like malls, restaurants, and markets.

Are there specific guidelines for the beach dress code in Dubai for women?

Yes, women can wear bikinis and swimsuits, but they should avoid thong bikinis or overly skimpy swimwear. Covering up with a sarong or dress when walking around beach areas is also recommended.

Can women wear shorts in Dubai?

Yes, women can wear shorts in Dubai as long as they are not too short.

Does the beach Dubai dress code apply to children?

Yes, the beach dress code in Dubai applies to everyone, including children. Children should wear appropriate swimwear and cover-ups when not on the beach or in the water.

What are the top tourist attractions in Dubai?

The top tourist attractions in Dubai include:

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